Railroady SVG screenshot. Railroady SVG screenshot. Railroady SVG screenshot.


  1. Trivial to integrate

    Simple to install and run.
  2. Dynamic

    Reverse engineer your existing source code. No more stupid Vizio diagrams that are perpetually outdated.
  3. Vector Graphics

    Rake tasks generate scalable vector graphics (SVG) files, which can be scaled to any size without quality loss. View them in a web browser, or even print massive wall-size class diagrams with Adobe Illustrated
  4. F/OSS

    Free and open GPL licensing. No fees. Ever.
  5. Cross platform

    Runs on Linux and OS X.
  6. Raw DOT Support

    Just want the diagram source code without the .SVG files? No problem! (See the gem README file.)

RailRoady is simple because it DOESN'T require..

  1. Clicking anything

    No more using OmniGraffle or Vizio for class diagram deliverables! Run the rake task, and out pop your diagrams.
  2. Configuration

    Reasonable levels of detail provide for thorough diagrams that are not overwhelming to view and understand.
  3. Manual layout

    Even complicated models are layed out in a space-efficient manner. No more manually drag-and-dropping boxes around the screen every time you add a class.